Library Strategic Plan: 2021-2023

Library Strategic Plan: 2021-2023

Overbrook Public Library
Strategic Plan for 2021-2023

Mission Statement

The programs and services of the Overbrook Public Library provide its many constituents equal opportunity access to educational, informational, cultural, technological, and entertainment resources in a welcoming environment.

Library Values and Philosophy

  • The Library Bill of Rights and the freedom to read shall be reflected in all we do.
    • The library shall demonstrate sound, accountable financial stewardship principles.
    • The library will practice the NEKLS statement for patron confidentiality.
    • The library will adhere to professional library best practices regarding collection development and management.
    • The library will have trained and knowledgeable staff with opportunities for professional development.
    • The programs and services will reflect patron needs and requests while intelligently following official policy and procedure.
    • The library will adhere to the ADA and promote equal access for all persons to resources, equipment, spaces, and services.
    • The library and its staff will practice innovation and continuous improvement in programming and services.
    • The library will recognize and respect member library differences and adhere to all NEKLS agreements and standards.

Goals and Objectives

Goal One: Maintain and improve the financial condition of the library through careful stewardship of the citizens’ tax dollars, Overbrook Friends, Library Foundation, and individual effort.

Objective A: Track income, expenses, and stay within its budget & available funds.

Objective B: Explore opportunities to expand programming and available staff by maintaining city financial support and developing new sources of revenues through grants and donations.

Objective C: Maintain an ongoing program of fundraising, renovation, and repair through the Library Foundation.

Objective D: Foster a strong relationship with the Overbrook Friends of the Library organization to promote library special needs and programming opportunities.

Objective E: Maintain a good relationship with the City of Overbrook, and work to achieve library goals while taking city needs into account.

Goal Two: Enhance our relationship with community partners, including schools, civic clubs, and Brookside.

Objective A: Offer computer and technology training and assistance to meet the community and area needs, including designated hours for drop-in technology help.

Objective B: Maintain a year-round Story Time program and a Summer Reading program for children, as well as additional children’s programming.

Objective C: Promote exceptional older adult services throughout the area by surveying needs and implementing outreach services to older adult centers and special populations.

Objective D: Promote and facilitate opportunities for education and civic enrichment, including classes, public presentations, and programs.

Goal Three: Allocate funding to implement the current Technology Plan and to keep the library up-to-date to meet community technology needs.

Objective A: Continue to pursue enhanced internet and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Objective B: Maintain technology plan and NEKLS requirements for computer replacement on a three- to five-year cycle.

Objective C: Develop promotions or displays to increase awareness of available technology & electronic resources available through Overbrook or the Kansas State Library.

Goal Four: The Library will promote itself as a conference and community center and hub of the Overbrook community and surrounding area.

Objective A: Offer library facilities to local citizens and to individuals and groups throughout the larger area.

Objective B: Develop a better system for scheduling and posting community room events.

Objective C: Develop additional classroom, conference, seminar or training capabilities (portable white boards, additional A/V capabilities, etc.).

Goal Five: The library will maintain NEKLS Service Center II Accreditation

Main requirements:
1. The library is open a minimum of 45 hours/week, including four hours after 5:00 PM weekdays and four hours on weekends
2. Minimum of eight public access computers and 20 MB/s internet
3. 80 hours per week paid library staff (2.0 FTE)
4. Director salary requirements / 65% of budget spent on staffing and benefits

Objective A: The library will make our best effort to meet NEKLS Service center level II Requirements for the 2021-2023 period, available here:

Objective B: Work with NEKLS to obtain waivers for any requirements that cannot be met to maintain Service Center II accreditation.

Objective C: Continue to evaluate library hours to best meet the needs of the community.

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