Summer Reading Begins Monday 6/1/2020

Our mostly-remote summer reading program begins Monday June 1st and runs through the end of July. Due to COVID-19, we will not be doing big in-person programs this summer. We will primarily be tracking reading and providing prizes for meeting reading goals. We’re shooting for 1200 minutes per reader from 3 years old – 8th grade over the duration of the program. This is approximately 20 minutes per day.

We will also have several take-home packs with an activity or craft kids can do at home. You can pick up 1 per child every other week starting June 15th – the end of July. We’ll post details about each pack on Facebook and the library website.

To register, you can come by during our curbside hours 12-6 M-F and pick up a registration form. Once you turn in your forms, we’ll hook you up with your packet of time-tracking logs / bookmarks / stickers / coloring sheets / etc.

For the first time this year we’re also doing online registration and time tracking via the Reader Zone app. If you want to join our summer reading group, download the Reader Zone app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and join group be060.

Our program packets / prizes are limited to kids from 3 years old – 8th grade, but if you’d like to join in on the fun as an adult, you are welcome to join our group and keep track of your reading this summer as well.

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