Overbrook Library Board Meeting will go virtual while we are closed

In order to ensure the safety of our board members, as well as any members of the public interested in attending the library board meetings. Overbrook Library Board will meet only virtually during our COVID-19 closure.

We are planning to continue to meet via zoom during our regularly scheduled board meeting time at 6pm on the 3rd Monday of the month. Our next meeting will be Monday, April 20th @ 6pm. We may call additional special meetings to discuss reopening the library as needed.

We will comply with procedures outlined in proposed regulation K.A.R. 16-20-1 during this time. Meeting agendas will be posted on the meeting website http://overbrook.mykansaslibrary.org . If you wish to receive notifications of meeting times and additional meeting materials please notify Library Director Kyle Sederstrom via e-mail.

An online zoom meeting link will be made available along with the agenda on the library website as well as posted on the library entrance window prior to the meeting if you wish to attend the board meeting. There will also be a meeting call-in number via telephone, but please note that the call-in number is long distance from Overbrook.

Thanks for your understanding as we move things online for the (hopefully short term) future.

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