Library Strategic Plan: 2015-2017

Overbrook Public Library
Strategic Plan for 2015-2017
(approved 4-1-2015)

Mission Statement

The programs and services of the Overbrook Public Library provide its many constituents equal opportunity access to educational, informational, cultural, technological, and entertainment resources in an attractive comfortable environment.

Library Values and Philosophy

The Library Bill of Rights and the freedom to read shall be reflected in all we do.
The library shall demonstrate sound, accountable financial stewardship principles.
The library will practice the NEKLS statement for Patron confidentiality.
The library will adhere to professional library best practices regarding collection development and management.
The library will have trained and knowledgeable staff with opportunities for professional development.
The programs and services will reflect patron needs and requests while intelligently following official policy and procedure.
The library will adhere to the ADA and promote equal access for all persons to resources, equipment, spaces, and services.
The library and its staff will practice innovation and continuous improvement in programming and services.
The Overbrook Library will recognize and respect member library differences and adhere to all NEKLS agreements and standards.


Goals and Objectives

Goal One: maintain and improve the financial condition of the library through careful stewardship of the citizens’ tax dollars, Overbrook Friends, Library Foundation and individual effort.

Objective A: The OPL will track income, expenses and stay within its budget.

Objective B: The library will explore opportunities to expand programming and available staff by maintaining city financial support and developing new sources of revenues through grants and donations.

Objective C: The library will maintain an ongoing program of fund raising, facility maintenance, renovation, and repair through the Library Foundation.

Objective D: The library will foster a strong Overbrook Friends of the Library organization to promote library special needs and programming opportunities.


Goal Two: The Library will be proactive in promoting activities, events and services with adequate staffing (paid and volunteer) that benefit the community.

Objective A: The library will offer computer and technology classes, curriculum, and instruction to meet the community and area needs on a periodic or ongoing basis.

Objective B: The library will apply for the 2015-2016 NEKLS Destination Library Grant and partner with local civic organization(s) or institutions for meeting a critical community need.

Objective C: Establish a working relationship with one or more institutions of learning to bring new educational opportunities to the area (e.g., a technical institute that offers classes in job retraining or a community college that offers extension classes)
PS: we are already proctoring exams for one community college instructor.

Objective D: Strive to have at least one staff member and one volunteer on duty at the library during regular business hours, and that a staff member will not work by themselves for longer an a one-hour period.


Goal Three: The library will explore, enhance, and develop a wide range of programming for a wide range of populations (children, teens, families, adults, older adults).

Objective A: The hours of the library shall be expanded and made easier for the public to remember: Example:

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
(45 Total hours) (DONE!)

Objective B: Create a year-round Storytime program and create additional children’s programming and maintain a progressive Summer Reading Program for children, young adults and adults. (regarding storytime, in the past it was not done during the summer or any day school was not in session, primarily due to the availability of the presenter).

Objective C: The Library will promote exceptional older adult services throughout the area by surveying needs and implementing outreach services to older adult centers and special populations (disabled, homebound or otherwise of limited mobility). Develop a community services outreach coordinator position.

Objective D: Develop an age-appropriate gathering place for middle-schoolers and teens in the Young Adult section of the library.

Objective E: Create and maintain a Teen Advisory Group (or one that might convene once or twice a year) that will provide opportunities for enhancing teen services and needs.

Objective F: Offer movie nights at the community center that will not conflict with local sporting or community events.

Objective G: The library will promote and facilitate opportunities for both formal and informal education and civic enrichment through classes and public presentations.


Goal Four: The library will allocate funding as needed to implement the current Technology Plan and to keep the library on the cutting edge of community technology needs.

Objective A: Continue to explore ways to upgrade and enhance our internet and wi-fi capabilities, including finding a better alternative to our current IP.

Objective B: Replace patron computers # 5, 7, and 11. They are about five to six years old.

Objective C: Purchase two portable laptops for check-out use at the library.

Objective D: We will seek to increase copy center capabilities by a) replace old fax device and develop scanning capabilities through a new fax, copy, scan device; b) add a flatbed scanner to one of the public access computer stations; c) explore adding new copy machine capabilities such as 11 x 17 printing, scanning to email addresses, etc..

Objective E: Develop additional multimedia and presentation capabilities for the conference room (e.g. provide a computer that can be used in connection with the digital projector).

Objective F: Develop large-screen audiovisual presentation capability for the community room (for movie nights, seminar groups, etc).

Objective G: Develop a new technology corner or station in the library demonstrating ebooks, playaways and other forms of new information technologies.


Goal Five: The Library will promote itself throughout the region (Osage, Shawnee, and Douglas Counties) as a conference and community center that will bring economic development to the Overbrook community.

(Please note: the Library and its community center is already becoming a known facility throughout the region: (e.g., Osage County Emergency Services class, a town hall meeting by a Kansas Senator, Kansas City-based law firm conference room meetings, and being host to the Spring 2015 NEKLS director’s institute).

Objective A: The Library will continue to offer its facility to individuals and groups throughout the larger area as well as for local citizens and groups.

Objective B: the Library shall develop a better system for scheduling and posting events and in handling fees and deposits.

Objective C: The library will develop additional classroom, conference, seminar or training capabilities (portable black/white boards, Smart or Promethean boards, computer/nesting classroom or banquet tables, etc).


Goal Six: The library over the next three years will continue to explore the possibility of pursuing Service Center II Accreditation.

Main requirements:
1. The library is open a minimum of 45 hours/week, including four hours after 5:00 PM weekdays and four hours on weekends (open 45 hours as of 3-30-2015)
2. Minimum of 8 public access computers (currently have 11).
3. 80 hours per week paid library staff (2.0 FTE) Starting in 2015, we have 1.6 FTE
4. Director with a MLS has base salary of $19.18 to $19.95/hr.

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