Donation, Gift & Memorial Policies

Gifts and Donations of Materials to the library.
Gifts or donations of new or used books or other materials are accepted with the understanding that they may be used or disposed of as the Library determines is appropriate. Determining appropriate means using the same criteria set forth in this policy the purchase of Library materials. Gifts that are not added to the collection will be may be given to the Friends of the Overbrook Public Library, given to other organizations, or properly disposed. The Library may NOT provide (prohibited by law) an appraisal of the items to the donor (for tax purposes). The library director and the Library Board shall consider gifts of items other than materials or money, not covered by written policies.

The Library reserves the privilege of using cash donations in a manner that will best serve the operation of the Library and its service to patrons. If cash donations are made with requests for specific materials to be purchased, the librarian shall fill the request as seen appropriate. Gifts made to the Library become the sole property of the library and remain so until a decision is made as to the appropriate disposition of such items.
Memorial Gifts and Recognition
The library director, sometimes with the advice and/or approval of the library board, will make the final decision as the acceptance of donations of large durable goods such as furniture and equipment. If appropriate and requested, it is acceptable for recognition to be given with a plate or plaque affixed to the gift. With large durable goods, the library director and the giver will work out the wordage and/or details of the memorial device but the library retains the right of final approval for language and placement of memorials on items displayed to the public.
Collection items are a separate category of gift donation. It must be kept in mind that collection materials with personalized language in them, such as memorial labels, do circulate outside the library to potentially any other library, especially the Northeast Kansas Library System. Regarding books or any other resource that are donated or designated as memorial gifts, the library director has the final say as to the addition into the collection, using standard professional criteria and the needs of the library.
The library staff will hear any patron request, but for any material, donated or otherwise designated, the library will be solely responsible for placing the memorial bookplate or appropriate sized label on the inside of the front cover or front endpaper. The bookplate or label will be small (e.g., business card size or address label size), simple in design, and use standard language. The library director will keep the bookplate or label design, style, and language as uniform as possible over time. Patrons that are unsatisfied with the director’s decision can appeal to the Library Board chairperson or board.
Memorial bookplate examples,
This book was donated by ______________.
This book was donated by _____________ in memory of ___________________. On Date


Approved 4-3-2015
Galen Worthington, Director
Marni Penrod, Library Board Chair

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